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Why Most Churches Do Church Wrong

If you think most Americans will go home from church today talking about how awesome the worship was: you're wrong.

If you think most Americans will go home from church today thinking about how great and timely the sermon was: you're wrong.


The majority of Americans will leave church today remembering and talking about who they met, whether anyone said hi to them or made an effort to talk to them, whether someone acknowledged they were there, whether they mattered to anyone, whether they felt welcomed, accepted, invited, accommodated for. 

That is the number 1 factor in determining whether someone comes back to a church. It supersedes every other element of the modern, western church experience. 

Is your church full of ghost attendees? Do people slip in and out of your service(s) unnoticed? What would you want to experience if it was your first time attending a church? 

Be God with skin on.  


I've spent 20 years directly involved in the leadership process and structure of churches and ministries, spent thousands of hours in church services as both a leader and an attendee, and attended churches across the country.
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