Brandon Robbins

Creative growth, social media, campaign/book launches, and marketing for churches, authors, non-profits, and small businesses

Risky Is The New Safe In Business, Ministry, and Art

Our culture is a huge blockade with a steel door and a bolt lock. 

It filters what we present it and only lets the "safe" things though. It doesn't want a ruckus. It expects us to be systematic and just like everyone else. At the slightest indication of change, originality, or passion it goes on lockdown. The steel door slams shut and the lock gets bolted. 

This culture is threatened by things that want to change it. The only way we're allowed through the gate is if we put our hands behind our back, let the handcuffs be clicked on and the ball chained to our feet. We've been brainwashed since we were little. We're taught we can't do something unless Simon says. If we do, we're reprimanded. Kicked out of the game.

This is how our culture functions: We're expected and demanded to ask for permission. No action is our choice, it is the choice of society's rules. 

But here's the thing: that model is old and done. The people who make the largest impact, the biggest difference, the best innovation, are not the people waiting for Simon to tell them the next move. The people who win are the ones who decide what the next best move, the next big thing is, regardless of what Simon says, and are willing to risk their status to make it happen. 

The rules have changed. The aim of the game now is to keep your ideas and dreams alive. To transform them from mind real estate to action.

Go.  It's your turn.